Need Some in Help Getting a WordPress Website Design Across the Finish line – Upwork

We’re looking for a WordPress expert to help take our current website redesign project across the finish line. As it currently stands, we’ve created all content (designed assets + copy) and have started plugging them in to the WordPress template we purchased, which came with WP Bakery; however, the main bottleneck to completing the project is actually adding the assets to our template, optimizing them for the web, and ensuring the spacing / sizing is showing up correctly on mobile and desktop.

There are approximately 12 pages in our work in progress website.

For someone who knows WordPress, WP Bakery and has a decent grasp on CSS, it should be a fairly straightforward job.

Timeframe is flexible, although we’d love to have 8 of the 12 pages completed in the next several weeks. There is opportunity for ongoing hourly work if interested, and potential for full website design projects depending on the candidate.