Front End Developer For React Meal Planning Site – Upwork

I’m looking for a Front End Developer to build a brand new, single page application using React. This SPA will be a new portion of a site that I’ve had for over three years. This is for a Front End Developer only, not a web designer or a backend developer. All of the designs have already been completed and available through .psd files. There won’t be any need to add new designs. Another developer is currently building the API that this SPA will connect to.

This SPA will serve as the portion of my site that is accessed by paid, logged in members only. The flow should work like this:

(Not You)                                               
Current WordPress Site:                                                                       
SEO, members sign up      

New React SPA           
Member auth, CRUD                    
Fetch content w/ AJAX

(Not You)
Exposed routes for CRUD actions

Since only signed up members will be accessing this, SEO is not a concern. We want to use React to take advantage of client-side rendering for fast page loading. I’d also rather use React than other client-side libraries because the developer I will be working with intermittently in the future is already familiar with it.

Some things to note:

– Authentication / Authorization will be handled on the API with JWT. The token will need to be stored in the client’s session or browser storage for future login.
– Full CRUD operations will need to be included for multiple models. This is a meal planning site, so recipes, meal plans and ingredients are the main content.
– The API is currently in the final stages of development, so you’ll be getting started with limited access to it.
– You won’t need to do anything with deployment, just provide a complete GitHub repo with code that works locally.
– There are designs for both desktop and mobile. This web app should be responsive to all device sizes.

I’m looking for someone to start ASAP. I’d love to have this piece done by the end of October. You’d be in contact directly with me (the founder), the backend developer and designer are available as needed. Fixed fee is negotiable. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and Github profile and discussing this project in more detail if you’re the right fit!

*****Please note that we will not be reaching out to candidates until Monday, June 29th.