Expert to advise on which Vacation Rental Management SaaS would work for med-term furnished rentals. – Upwork

We are looking to elevate our startup away from manual operations towards a more scalable business. This would be the first deliverable in doing so and if agreed upon by both parties would open up a larger SOW to guide the implementation process for our company.

We need professional advice from an expert in this space to evaluate our current business and provide recommendations for the best and most cost effective rental management and rental publishing solution for our mid-term (1 to 6 months) furnished rental business which we currently have 20 listings and our planning to grow. Key needs are ability to:
1. Schedule recurring and one time payments for guest bookings-and payouts to owners-both bank withdrawals and credit cards

2. e-sign lease agreements

3. Integrate with WordPress Website or build own site

4. Unified way to manage business, rental inquries, booking calendars and communication and publish to other med-term rental sites

5. Understand if it is best to use one SaaS solution (e.g. Guesty, LiveRez or Logify) or better to build custom integration through our wordpress website using multiple: Rentals United (or other publishing software), e-sign solution, e-payments solution (bank and credit card), e-background solution and online property management solution

6. Understand the cost of the recommended solutions

7. Provide the ultimate recommendation for this solution, reason why, and next steps to implement.